Simple Fixes for Error Code Issues in Lenovo ThinkPad X301

Lenovo Think Pad X301 is packed with 1.40GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400. Also, it comes with the Windows Vista operating system. And it's very important to find the cause behind different error code before you start to troubleshoot the issue. Besides, the system will itself conduct a self test to ascertain the issue & this happens as soon as you boot it. Moreover, these tests are very important as it completely scan and screens the essential components which include RAM, VGA & processor. Therefore during the start up phase of the system, all these three are tested. And if system starts up successfully then it means that there is no issue with these components. In addition to this, if on starting up, you encounter any issue then you will see an error code message being displayed on the screen.

Here are some of the error code issues and their solution to fix them:

  • BSOD error
  • No boot disc found
  • Password errors

BSOD error

This is the most critical error in a system. A BSOD or a Blue Screen of Death Error is all about a blue screen display. This error code occurs due to various reasons. The reasons can vary from system file issues, corrupted driver issues and conflicting hardware or software issues. Often it happens that the user encounters a BSOD error after new software or hardware is installed. This might also happen immediately after disconnecting the recent hardware. In any case if you encounter a BSOD then the best means of eliminating it is to get in touch with a Lenovo Support UK. Their technical experts will help you by diagnosing the possible cause behind it.

No boot disc found

Your Lenovo Think Pad X301 checks boot files as well. If in any case the system is unable to find the boot files then your system will stop the process and display an error message. This error message displayed on the screen will say 'No boot disc found'. But you can change the settings of boot priority in the BIOS. This can be done for changing the start up preference from a CD. This can be chosen as the primary booting device. You can also ensure that a boot device is selected with boot files in the BIOS.

Password errors

The user has the freedom to set passwords on the Lenovo Think Pad X301 at different stages. For example it is possible to set a log-in password for every user who is accessing the system. If you are facing problems with errors in your password then you need to check if you are typing the right password. You also need to ensure that case sensitive passwords are dealt in the same manner. If you still have issues with passwords or are doubtful that your system is being hacked then seek the help of technical expert with Lenovo Support.

With these tips you will surely be able to understand the reason behind the errors and the means to get them resolved instantly when it comes to your Lenovo Think Pad X301.

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