Troubleshooting Tips For ASUS F6A - X2 Laptop

The 21st century is the digital century. Everything and everyone is digital now a days. So it becomes necessary for all to have a medium to connect with this digital world. This is possible by using Asus Laptop. Asus laptops are the 21st century laptop. They offer durability, better software, and top class hardware and quality service for their product. One of the main reasons for popularity of Asus laptop is that it is preferred by common people, business people as well as gamers.

Keeping in mind all needs of consumers of 21st century, Asus launched Asus F6A - X2 laptops for all its users. It offers wide range of pre installed software, hardware and other advance level technology for general public. The Asus F6A - X2 have some advanced level features but it also faces some common issues.

The solution for the issues pertaining to Asus F6A - X2 is as follow:

1. Laptop Shut Down by itself: This problem arises while you are working on a laptop and it shuts off by itself. It is due to following reasons:
Dead Battery: It is a common procedure to check for battery not being depleted fully. For this one should connect the charger to laptop and then try to turn it on.
Laptop is overworking itself: If connecting the laptop to power source doesn't work, then one should check that laptop is not running too many programs. This can be checked by opening the task manger and ending task not in use.
Overworking Fan: If the above steps are of no use, then one must check the temperature of laptop. If it's too hot then the fan of laptop is overworked or it may be obstructed. This can be improved by increasing the air flow to your fan when laptop is switched on again.
Broken Fan: Another reason for shutting down of laptop is the broken fan and its only solution is to replace it.
2. NO sound coming from laptop: If one is not listening any sound coming from laptop. Then this is due to many reasons namely,
Mute Button is ON: First step is to check if mute button of laptop is not on. Press F10 on laptop and it will show on your laptop screen whether mute button is on or not.
Any Device Plugged into Audio Port: If your headphones or any other device is plugged into the audio port of your laptop then you will not be able to listen to the sound of laptop. Unplug the device and sound will return.
Audio Drivers are not installed properly: To have the sound system working properly on the laptop, it is necessary that the audio software is installed properly.
Speakers Issues: If above steps do not solve the issue, then the only reason for sound not working is the blown up speakers. The only solution for it to replace the speakers.
3. Camera not working on Laptop: When a user is trying to use webcam on his/her laptop and it doesn't show any picture on screen, then it may be following issues:
Camera Driver software are faulty or not installed properly: This problem arises when the software for webcam are not installed properly. This issue can be fixed by properly installing the software step by step. If it's already installed then it may be faulty. Uninstall the software and install it again by proper procedure.
Broken Webcam: If the above step doesn't solve the issue then the webcam is broken or cracked. The only solution to it is replacing the webcam.
4. Screen on Laptop won't turned on: This issue arises when screen turn black on starting up the computer. This is due to:
Graphic Drives not installed Properly: The foremost reason for the screen being black are improper installed graphic drivers. This problem can be solved by uninstalling the graphic drivers and installing it properly step by step.
Broken Video Cable: The other reason for black screen is broken video cable. The only fix is to replace the video cable.
5. Laptop show blue screen: This issue arises when the laptop is turned on and it shows blue screen with some white test written on it. This is due to following reasons:
Invasive Virus: One of the foremost reasons for blue screen to appear is the presence of virus. To solve this issue, restart the laptop, press F8 key before window logo appear and then enter into safe mode and run an antivirus scanner to delete all virus from the laptop. This will solve the issue.
Complete System Failure: If the problem still continues and blue screen keeps on popping up then the last option remains is to perform the complete system recovery. But before doing so keep in mind following things

# Important - One must keep complete backup of all data to another location before recovery.
# Caution - One must not connect to internet before installing antivirus software.
# Note - One should make sure that "Intel INF Update" and "ATKACPI" drivers are installed so that hardware device can be recognized.

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